Sunday, August 30, 2009

Instrumental delivery

While at a discussion with other consultants at hospital,realised instrumental delivery is a dwindling art.Reasons might be any but due to increased c-section rate in general the new trainees would get lesser and lesser training in ventouse,forceps and oh so beautiful rotational forceps delivery.Its sad,as I truly believe a nicely accomplished instrumental delivery just leaves one with one!!Baby delivered safely and one c section prevented.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Emergency Contraception
After a long day time to relax.....And what could be more interesting than returning to my brand new blog.Again today came across 3 cases of PCOD.God,Suddenly how come so many women are having PCOD???
Another thing which I wish to write about is the emergency contraceptive 'misuse'.They way it is misused it takes me by surprise .After T.V. commercials couples are using these pills as indiscriminately as candies.But it isn't so should ideally use it only once a month.It leads high rate of failure.Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy(pregnancy outside uterus).It makes the periods go haywire.One needs to have a regular method of contraception.Restrict the use of these pills to only real emergencies like a condom rupture.
And a fact which is not so popularly known,CuT,Multiload etc can be used as a more reliable method of contraception and it is effective up to 5 days of unprotected act unlike 72 hrs for these pills.


I am very much surprised by the sudden increase in the number of cases of PCOD that I encounter in my OPD.Was just wondering ,is it due to changed Lifestyle or increased awareness level of both Patients and doctors.Most of the ladies who are told they have PCOD,they are quite shocked,I intend to tell them 'you are not alone'.Its as common as every 5th woman has this condition.And though it can't be cured,the symptoms can be taken care of with simple lifestyle changes like exercise,health diet and stress management.Ofcourse your gynaecologist can help you with Metformin and Oral contraceptive pills .