Friday, September 11, 2009


It is already past midnight of Friday.Time just flew this week since I wrote a post.It was maddeningly busy at work place.Not that I mind.Some exciting surgeries,lots of action,drama at work place and what not..........Life looks like straight out of the soap operas running at our Indian Television.But all in all,with the able help of my surgeon colleague,did a very good case.Aha and how can I forget to thanks my team mates and jounior friends Asha and Deepa for a beautiful assistance.Grade 4 endometriosis(sorry we realised it only on table that the case was so complicated after putting the laparoscope in) with everything stuck up inside the abdomen including the gut and ureter.Beautiful laparoscopic hysterectomy.And that's the beauty of key hole surgery,within 48 hrs of surgery patient is back home,feeling fit and fine.Around mid 30s and 40s a very painful,heavy period might be indicative of 'endometriosis'.A condition when menstural blood goes inside the abdominal cavity as well and makes all the organs to get stuck up.A frustrating condition for both patient and the doctor alike,particularly in case of patients yet to complete family.

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