Tuesday, September 1, 2009

haemorrhage in Pregnancy

I was enjoying my surgeon collegue performing a beautiful rectopexy for rectal prolase and suddenly came to know a lady with pregnancy and severe bleed was being taken in next OT for Caesarean.
Torrential bleeding in pregnancy still remains the commonest cause of maternal deaths in our country.It is a real emergency when the delegated team of doctors,nurses,porters ,lab staff and blood bank need to work in a systematic and coordinated manner.The anxious relatives need to be kept informed of the proceedings.
I feel if we have a protocol in place ,where every concerened health professional knows what to do when in such emergencies and things run very smoothly with better patient care.I love the mock drills we used to have at our hospital in UK.As I am finishing today's note,just wish that the said patient and her baby are fine.

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