Sunday, September 27, 2009

New to India and looking Options for Antenatal care?

New to India and looking Options for Antenatal care?
Well yes ..................can appreciate if you are a foreigner living or working in India and your health care system is different than Ours,you might be pretty confused.Where to go?
Recently One such mom delivered under my care.A cool couple.Very chilled about the things but still there was an apprehension.Not with me,not with hospital but just as it is a country which is not as familiar to them.They made a very sensible birth plan which looked so very exhaustive to our team members,but in fact it wasn't.They were just too prepared for the whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth.A birth plan given in advance helped us in giving them a good quality care.And yes! it felt really good when they left the hospital on a very positive note,happy with the whole team.So if you are new to India,little apprehensive and wish to know where to go for health care,I would certainly suggest give yourself as well Us(i.e ,MAX Gurgaon) a chance to make your health care experience in India a memorable one.

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