Monday, October 26, 2009

Dr Please.....need your personal attention

I was just thinking of a rather common issue as I got a text early morning from an admitted patient's husband."Doctor when can we get your Personal attention'?The lady got admitted with some problem at 4 in the morning today.Her management which was anyways conservative was arranged and coordinated by me telephonically with a trained registrar to look after her care and only on being sure that she is fine I slept back.And this message left me little disappointed.
Then from the perspective of the patients husband,I thought and disappointment was little less.For an anxious attendant who has no knowledge of medical science any condition can look serious,for me which is not. They feel so helpless and gain the confidence to see their doctor WITH them physically.I would love to do that i.e to be present all the time with my patients to give them the much needed mental support,but God that is not humanly possible..............

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