Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fast in Pregnancy

Since yesterday I got anxious calls from many would be moms whether to keep a KARWA CHAUTH FAST or not.Well Hinduism as well as Islam both are lenient towards pregnant women and a fast isn't mandatory.
Short duration fast like that of Karva Chauth should not affect the baby ,though if it is a prolonged fast like during Ramadan,baby and mother both can be affected.Even during Karva Chauth it would be advisable to have water,juices and other eatables which are approved as food ment to be eaten during the fast.Hope this helps...........And if one wishes to go ahead without water too,then one has to see how the day progresses and if feel too dehydrated or exhausted can have water.I am sure God would forgive you,coz even he won't like your little baby who is still inside the womb and dependant on you for nourishment to have a forced fast

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