Monday, January 11, 2010

Lamaze ( Fact or Placebo?)

It might sound little ironical.A gynaecologist asking patients to educate.But yes ,I don't have all the answers.For doctors patients are the best teachers.I am not very sure about whether Lamaze exercises help or they don't help during pregnancy and labour.Comments are welcome from those readers who had Lamaze experience and found it useful.I will share your experiences with my patients.


Mini said...
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Mini said...

Hi Doctor,

As you must be knowing that friday 15th of Jan is solar eclipse from 11:30 till 3:45pm, i was going through some of the websites which says that there is no scientific logic that solar eclipse would harm the baby.. but still i want to be safe and will stay at home at that particular time.
Can you tell me that can i eat something during that period or not? and can i sleep or do i need to be awake?

Thnx Mini

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Ok ,I hope this will answer queries of many a anxious would be moms.Solar Eclipse is just like any other time of day and there is no medical basis for any precautions.So your perfectly safe.Traditionally if you don't wish to go out of home at that point of time or eat something different or specific,that is not a problem though.