Saturday, February 27, 2010

HPV Vaccine

There has been a lot of interest amongst the doctors as well as Indian Urban women off late regarding HPV vaccine,particularily after recent media campaign by Glaxo and Merck(The pharmaceutical giants behind these vaccines).And any new product causes a lot of speculation.Often one is left wondering as to what is fact and what is a myth?
It is a good product and seems to hold a lot of promise.Ideally females who haven't yet initiated sexual activity are the one who will get maximum benefit out of it but still it can be given to sexually active women as it prevents reinfection with HPV to which almost 80% of the women would be exposed at some point in their life.90% of times body clears itself these infection with its own immunity.There are no major side effects but fainting has been reported after it's administration.3 doses of the vaccine are needed.As of now we don't know whether a booster dose would be needed or not.It should be avoided during pregnancy.It does't prevent 100% cases of cervical cancer,thus associated Pap smear or cervical smear is needed at 3 yearly interval.

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