Thursday, March 25, 2010


Advances in medicine are good,but new tests also run the risk of over treatment if not used judiciously.Here I am taking about the latest health fad to grip Indian urban ladies and gynaecologists alike.HPV,HPV vaccine....It is good,i.e the awareness regarding HPV and cervical cancer but there shouldn't be any unnecessary panic.
Your gynaecologist tests you for a pap smear and HPV .You turn out to be HPV Positive.What next????
Certain facts
80% of ladies are infected by HPV and 90% of it clears without any treatment.
As per the UK cervical screening guidelines your further treatment would be

Inflammatory cells in pap smear-repeat pap smear and HPV after 6 months.No Colposcopy needed
Mild dysplasia-same as above
Moderate dysplasia and severe dysplasia-Colposcopy,biopsy,LEEP.You don't need removal of uterus unless it has cancerous cells.So relax!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is really informative.Just recently I was diagnosed to be HPV positive with a normal Pap smear.Was advised Colposcopy and biopsy,which I went for and it came normal.Now my gyno has suggested me hysterectomy.Reading your blog I did some more internet search and was horrified that I was taken for a ride.Thanks but you saved me from a hysterectomy

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Thanks.That was the idea of writing this blog to stop unnecessary panic .But please be regular with your pap smear.