Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hospitals encouraging c-section

I often get this query from my patients that doctor we know that you are pro vaginal delivery, but we also know that you are compelled by your hospital to do Cesarean section.How will you go against them?
Well.....I do agree that medicine is a pure business now and hospitals are money making organizations.There is nothing charitable about these new age hospitals,but still it is a myth that hospitals force clinicians for cesareans.They don't want a bad name for them as money gained by Cesarean in comparison to vaginal delivery is very nominal but does get bad name for them.It is true that they are not stringent about the Cesarean section rates of their hospital as long as doctors and patients are fine with it but for sure they don't force any doctor for the same.
The rise in rate of c-section is multi factorial.It can be patients demand.An easy way out.Defensive practice by doctors.A tired doctor wishing to rush back home after a long day........but for sure not due to hospital pressure.

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