Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Premature Ovarian faliure

This is one condition where the ovaries stop functioning Prematurely(by definition before the age of
40 years).Not a very rare condition and I have come across such patients in past as well.But yesterday I could feel how traumatic it must be.A dear friend who married late  was diagnosed with POF.She didn't express as much grief as she is a fighter but I was horrified.She is yet to start her family.
Of course for her or anybody who hasn't completed ones family the option is ovum donation and assisted reproduction.But that is not the only issue.It means an early menopause with all it's manifestations like hot flushes,brittle bone disease(osteoporosis and of course an emotional trauma).A person with POFmight need Hormone replacment therapy( not widely recommended though due to associated side effects),calcium supplementation and exercise.

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