Saturday, May 8, 2010

My teachers

One keeps on learning throughout one's life
One comes across teachers who have a large contribution to what you are today.In my life I can think of many such names. I wish to dedicate few posts of my blog to some of these great teachers.To begin with the two names which come to my mind are Mr Philip Banfield and Mr Aled Plemming.One a great academician and obstetrician another an all in one package.we used to joke that if Mr Plemming could have his way he would even deliver the babies using laparoscope.He is that good.Both of them instilled so much confidence in me by teaching and appreciating my work and by also standing behind me at difficult times that now all my Juniors in India know their name without even ever meeting them.

I admit I miss them.I miss teachers like them in this cut throat world of corporate practice.

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