Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twin Pregnancy

Sorry folks it took me a while to keep my promise to write the differences between multiple and Singleton pregnancy.BTW I have created a website cum blog and was quite impressed by my tech savviness :)))
There are a numbers of differences but to name a few important ones
  • The morning sickness in twin pregnancy is much more than Singleton pregnancy.
  • The risk is more if both the twins are sharing the same 'kitchen '(Placenta) and same' living room'(sac) in comparison to when they have separate placenta and sac.
  • One twin can outgrow the other and can even become a parasite on another twin,so more frequent Ultrasounds(called serial ultrasound scans) are required in comparison to uncomplicated Singleton pregnancy
  • Weight which one is carrying during pregnancy is also of two baby's rather than one.
  • There is increased risk of Diabetes of Pregnancy as well as hypertension of pregnancy
  • There is a possibility of preterm labour pains
  • The rate of Cesarean section is more in twin pregnancy than Singleton pregnancy

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