Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post Partum haemorrhage:Obstetricians worst nightmare

I am back to my blog after many days.lots to share.On 21st sept had one of the worst professional nightmare,which almost every busy Obstetrician must have encountered sometime in their life.
A patient of mine who had a previous LSCS had a very smooth vaginal delivery under my care.I was happy after a VBAC.her family was rejoicing after a smooth labour and delivery .In dead of night 2 hours after her delivery I got a call from worried Registrar'Madame ,She is in pool of blood  I rushed realizing Post partum hemorrhage is the commonest cause of maternal death in our country.
After that started the nightmare.There was too much to handle.Take quick actions,break the news to a rejoicing family that all wasn't well any longer,arrange for blood.nothing seemed to be working.Performed an Internal iliac artery ligation which was partially effective,Ended with a relaparotomy and removal of uterus to save her life.It was a difficult time.Its not at all easy to take quick clinical decisions,keep the Families faith intact in you,keeping them informed of each and every step,procedure,progress.Console them .
Today I saw  her in my OPD.She coped well with the whole situation.Her family after an initial dilemma trusted me enough not to transfer her to any'bigger' centre.
I am thankful to all my team mates including my assistants,anaesthetist colleagues,Nurses,ICU staff because of whom she is alive today.

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