Sunday, November 28, 2010

A salute to Riddhi Purohit

About 2 months back this girl Riddhi came to my OPD along with her loving mom and dad.She seemed very quite,apprensenive and with lots of anxiety in her eyes.
Then suddenly I realised a tracheostomy scar in her throat .She was around 32 weeks Pregnant.And put down a bundle of papaers in front of me.Then she with the help of her parents completed the story of her grit,determination and efficient medical staff at saudi Arabia.She had been on ventilator for 45 days,had suffered respiratory faliure  with swine flu(H1N1 Virus)and had fought back death to be there with me.
Yesterday I had to induce her for an increasing blood pressure.In today's time when it is a difficult job to convince patients for a normal delivery(They are so afraid of pain despite an open offer of epidural analgesia),this girl went through 12 hrs of labour pain very quietly and with confidence,asked for an epidural when required and finallydelivered a healthy  bony baby girl tonight at 1 am..
What motivated me to mention Riddhi in my blog is not her medical history but her positive attitude,the willingness to fight with odds and to come out victorious of it.I salute her spirit and ofcourse her supportive family.


dr. mohammed farrukh ansari said...

I was one of the doctors treating her in saudi arabia and we too were impressed by her grit and determination, but would like to add that her husband was a big pillar of strength during her ordeal

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Congrats Dr Ansari for the good work.This Girl's family is all praises for your team.Her husband wasn't here due to an induced Labour approx 2 weeks earlier than her due date,didn't have the good fortune to meet him.But yes these stories of human grit and determination are worth appreciation!

Anonymous said...

this blog was surely a surprise for me.
i wud like to thank all the doc and staff for bearing with me patiently,had u people won't b there, i cud not hv done this.
the doctors in saudi gave me my life
and u gave me the reason to live it-my daughter

thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Would like to give thanks to doc teams who all taken care of my wife “Riddhi” during her ordeal. At this moment, would say that, we only heard about god’s miracle but during my wife ordeal, I have seen,for me all Saudi & India doc are like a god who not only saved my wife but from their valuable experience gifted us the meaning of life in way of my sweet little daughter “AKSHADHA”

Would like to give thanks to “doc fraternity” and “almighty God” from bottom of my heart !

Ashish, (ridhhi’s husband )

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Thanks Riddhi and Ashish for kind words.
It is a part o our job.But like anyone else it feels good to know our patients feel also appreciate the hard work done.
It is a great motivation to carry on with our work