Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dermoid Cyst

Dermoids are Ovarian cysts which are mostly non cancerous in origin.At times it can be boderline cancerous as well and then called immature teratoma,

Though mostly non Cancerous,once a diagnosis of Dermoid Cyst is made by Ultrasound or MRI,it should be operated.The procedure is called laparoscopic ovarian Cystectomy ,which simply means that the cyst is remove preserving the ovarian tissue.These cysts can't be treated medically and if left unoperated can lead to various coplications like torsion,severe pain,increase in size compromising the ovarian tissue and one might end up loosing complete ovary rather than just removal of the cyst.Dermoid cysts are filled with tufts of hair,tooth,bone pieces and very thick cheesy fluid which if bursts inside the abdomen can lead to severe pain and adhesions.

15 to 20% of the times they can affect both ovaries simultaneously.No one can predict a recurrence.

Once operated usually the patients are discharged within 24 hours and eating and drinking normally.

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