Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do I have the liberty to admit my mistakes??

On Shalabh's insistence I started reading this book Complications by Atul  Gawande , an American doctor of India origin.Shalabh said ,you will find a lot of us in the book.OK.....So I started with the introduction.

Dr Atul wishes to write not just about the things which go right but also when things go wrong.Oh Dear So do I.So many times I have almost typed a post when things went wrong but at the preview stage have dropped the Idea.

Reason Dr Gawande has been lucky to have a Supportive Dr Michael Zinner,his hospital's Chairman of surgery.I dare not think how much flak would I get from my employers,colleagues,friends and foes and above all my own patients.

But I am determined,some day I will write an anonymous Blog which will reflect a balanced view of our job,science,art....whatever you would like to call it.

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