Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctors are human too!!!!!!

It was a lazy cold and foggy morning today and I was trying to get some sleep following two back to back 3.20 am and 3.55am deliveries which I had dutifully attended bearing the fog and cold of shivery 30th Dec 2010.
At 7 am in the morning my mobile started singing 'never say never....' echoing my sentiments(though now I have started to feel 'I have had enough').
ammm,yawn.......may be another emergency .......'Doctor I have got my periods .Do I still need to go for Ultrasound Scan'?I muttered 'Bloody hell'!!May I know who is online please??
XYZ   .You suggested me an ultrasound to rule out PCOD about 15 days back when I had missed my periods by 10 days.I didn't get it  done then.Do I still need to get it done even if I have got my Periods?Will it be a TVS or will be an abdominal Ultrasound? (I mumbled to myself...So if you could wait for 15 days why this early morning rush?)
I understand that this XYZ was ecstatic to see blood in the pan when she got up from bed and went to pee.She presumed she doesn't have a suspected hormonal imbalance.Great.....BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE PLIGHT OF YOUR POOR DOCTOR WHO IS STILL HALF SLEEP AFTER a day and  a night of hard work.
Day before there was an early morning call from another desperate patient who keeps on fiddling with hormones to prepon and postpon her periods as per occasions like outings,Christmas,New Year,Diwali etc etc.Doctor While peeing I noticed I had started to spot and I wish to get my periods delayed on Occasion of new year,what do I do? ''For God's sake do anything but don't disturb my sleep''!!
I am sure most of you would understand and agree,it is not an emergency and a call can wait till a more official hour.
I am seriously planning to get my calls charged between 9 pm to 9 am in the morning to avoid such 'emergencies'.I might be labeled a money minded doctors after that,I know.But tell me ,do I have an Option?

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Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

What a i intracted with both these patients once again.

The first one came with an USG report confirming PCOD.I spent good 40 minutes with her explaining the condition.My each OPD slot is just ment to be 20 mnts/patient.And then at the end she came up with,doc can i call my husband in.Can you explain this to him as well.80 minutes of consultation when I have another 7 to 8 patients waiting for me.Had to say a curt NO.

2nd one called from Hydrabad first in the morning and then in the midst of my OPD,shairing her non existant period woes which are self created.Now I have saved her number as'Ignore',never to pick it again in future.