Thursday, January 13, 2011

Money Minded Doctors

Just today someone complimented me for not being money minded as I told some medicine telephonically.
Before I talk about 'Money Minded Doctors',let me first give an overview of what an average gynecologist daily routine is like.
Everyday there are patients for consultation in OPD.the number can vary from any where 10 to 30 or even more.Most of the consultations need at least 20 to 25 minutes,at times much more if it is a complicated case.
Then indoor rounds.Cases in OT and of course emergencies and patients in labour which can mean a lot of night shifts as well.
Doctors have family too with responsibilities like any of you.
So you can well understand now that its not easy being a doctor and it leaves very little time for oneself.
How can one forget the telephonic calls which on average can be any where from 20 t0 25 or even more every day.And they can be anytime of the day,during OPD,during conducting a delivery or while the doctor is high on adrenaline levels operating most difficult of cases.Patients want their doctor to be available and easily accessible.Now after reading this post you can understand the average day of a doctor and its not fair to call any doctor money minded if they are not able to answer all the calls or request you make a visit to them for prescription of any medicine.Telephonically, conditions can misunderstood particularly if the doctors mind is preoccupied with some other patient.If they ask you to visit them personally,it isn't because they are money minded but because that is what is medico legally recommended practice and that's for your own safety. 


Dyslexicon said...

But isn't this a chosen profession for all of us. And we all get to know (or should get to know) the demands of a particular speciality that we aspire to do. When we weigh & welcome all the "gains" of our chosen profession than why shrug the "pains" that are inherent in practicing.
However, the issue at hand is a very complex. I also explored this from a different angle in a piece I wrote at:

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Agreed that there are certain demands of every profession but at times an over worked doctor can do blunders by prescribing medicines on phone.I can speak for myself,I try my best to give handy tips and tell medicines telephonically but at times particularily in night after a long days work I don't feel a safe doctor to do the same.Or while I am in midst of a very busy OPD where my mind is totally occupied by patient sitting in front of me.
There have been times when I get interesting calls from pregnant Ladies asking whether they can eat Gol Gaapas,Chaats etc after being told categorically to avoid outside food in pregnancy.And then follows call for medicines for an upset tummy as early as 5 in the morning.

Dyslexicon said...

I can understand what you mean - it can get really tricky some times. Sometimes a polite no with a brief explanation works very well for the telephonic consults.
But you are a great doctor so don't mind the small stuff !