Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Team

Sometime back I tried to make a team of my own with a junior friend Dr AS and she picked the threads of Laparoscopy well.But as soon as she was little better trained Dr VB 'hijacked' her to make her team at a different.Dr A my team and joined a bigger set up(atleast that is what it looked at that time),bigger name and fatter pay cheque leaving me a little heart broken.Pledged never to make a team or get emotionally involved with working partners.
My registrars and Jr Consultants were trying to assist and help me to best of their capacity but the problem was : we weren't a team and thus lacked the coordination as every time I had a different assistant.In the meantime I had started performing Total laparoscopic hysterectomies and all other high end laparoscopic surgeries.So ,I applied the Shouldice Hospital technique to my practice,just before I read Dr Gawande.Shalabh was no Gynaecologist but an excellent laparoscopic GI surgeon.I was a qualified gynaecologist in desperate need of a team and dependable surgical assistant.Shalabh is my husband ,so he can't be 'hijacked' too.
And I wished to give the best care to my patients even in most difficult of surgeries.I suggested Shalabh to become a 'team'.I let my ego go to drains(A surgeon can't enter a Blue blooded gynecologist's OR,once I had pledged) when I thought of the well being of my patients and very much my own as well.We canrehearse the steps of surgery as many times as we want,even at home.
Thank God,he agreed.We have a stable team now,much in sinc.We as a team of Dr kaushiki Dwivedee and Dr Shalabh Mohan are doing many complicated surgery very smoothly.Now I have also started assisting Shalabh for his laparoscopic GI surgeries.Sounds interesting....a gynaecologist assisting GI surgeries but then 'We are the team'.And over all 'The Shouldice Theory' seems to be working fine in our case.
Those who have seen the Movie Band ,Baaja ,Barat..........Can put it simply that we have Shruti Kakkar and Bitto Sharma's team......'Surgery Mubarak' :))))  .Agreed Surgery is no laughing buisness but but it helps to keep the things light.
Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Barat

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