Monday, January 17, 2011

shouldice Hospital and hernioplasty

This post is a total lift off of Dr Atul Gawande's experience shared by him in his book Complications.But It has  made me think and perhaps in times to come this will change my practice as well.I will share that in my next post.
Shouldice hospital is well known for it's hernia surgeries and they have least complication rates and maximum success rates in repairing hernias.This hospital just deals with hernia which means they are superspecialized in repairing hernia and as they are doing it day in and day out with similar technique,same team and same staff,their results are better than the rest.Well this is something which is quite accepted but what made me think was that the 3 surgeons Dr Atul Gawande watched operating were not a 'qualified Surgeon' by American standards and would not have even been even allowed to operate if they were operating outside Shouldice hospital.
Dr Sang was a former family physician.
Dr Byrnes Shouldice had come straight out of medical school.
The Surgeon-in Chief was an Obstetrician
And they were giving better results than credentialled Surgeons.And for a patient what matters is an outcome!!
Amazing isn't it?There is one more experience shared by Dr Gawande which i found interesting and will share soon.
And then I would come to that post in prelude of which I have written these 2 posts.

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