Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beware of the hands that rock the cradle

Please follow the link before you read my post.It is an interesting read.And after reading this link only my comments will make any sense.


I am a gynaecologist myself.Read your article.It made me think and then react to it as well.First of all it is not clear to me 'what the take home message is'. You do agree that you were guided properly at Sant Parmanand hospital.So that means all doctors are not 'dangerous'.What in your opinion was the reason for the sector 23 based ...Gynecologist to behave in particular manner?Money?(Probably not......coz the money a doctor gets for Termination of pregnancy is actually peanuts.It is a very small proportion of your total bill)Lack of Knowledge( may be yes....the injections must have been progesterones/HCG etc)Indian gynecologists prescribe that as a habit.And am sorry to say a lot of my patients think me 'casual' if I dismiss a finding like this as 'nothing to worry'.They are scared ...doctor hasn't prescribed 'progesterone'.And I think partly patients are also responsible for the way doctors behave at times. Now.......Most important bit........do you have a suggestion for your readers how to insure to find a 'right hand to rock the cradle'?? Unless there isn't an answer to it,your article is a good sensational read but not useful for the rest.

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