Friday, February 25, 2011


In my previous post I talked of an emergency.Let's talk about that.
I am on call on Wednesdays.At 00.15 ,got a call from my attending consultant Dr Veenu Agarwal.There was young lady,all of 21 years in the triage,pouring blood vaginally.She was escorted by her boyfriend and friends of her boyfriend.They were all students of a very prestigious university of Delhi.
Apparently this girl got pregnant.Consulted some doctor at some Sharda Hospital for Termination of pregnancy.No ultrasound was conducted there to ascertain weeks of pregnancy,though her history was suggestive of about 12 weeks of pregnancy.seemed like she was advised to take the pills also in wrong manner.Who knows she had been to a local chemist and self medicated her(Very common in India).

This girl was slowly sinking with a rising pulse and dropping blood pressure.We were running short of time lest she goes in shock and DIC.Dr veenu very efficiently shifted the young lady to OR and directed the radiologist to come directly there to confirm the weeks of pregnancy.
It was a big uterus with incomplete miscarriage.She was bleeding.......It resembled spirts coming out of a fountain.
A suction and evacuation was done and as expected bleeding stopped immediately.
Her Hb had dropped to 7 gm%.But being a young patient recovery was quick.
Next day before her discharge I gave her an option of OCP and other contraceptives too.She declined flatly.
By this blog I wish to convey all young girls who behave in similar manner:please don't self medicate yourself.It might turn out to be a life threatening situation. responsible and use a regular contraceptive

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