Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Being the commonest 'tumor' of uterus there are many blogs on Fibroids.For those who are new to this term ,it is a mostly non cancerous growth found in the uterus which might be asymptomatic and just an incidental finding in an ultrasound or it might be symptomatic with heavy bleeding,painful bleeding,heavyness in abdomen,bowel and bladder symptoms.
There are various ways of managing the condition from expectant to conservative to surgeries both conservative as well as removal of the uterus with fibroids.
Now what compelled me to write this blog is a surgery of a otherwise very fit and active lady for fibroids.
I was amazed to see that she was carrying multiple fibroids in her womb which measured up to 30 weeks ( 7.5 months of pregnancy).It weighed 1.53 kgs.
I was trying to understand the reason why not just her but many ladies these days keep on deferring their surgeries for very late till it becomes a challenge for the doctor as well as the patient.May be females attach too much emotional value to their uterus and loosing it means a loss ' of femininity/fertility or is it the fear of surgery?

30 weeks size,1.53 kgs uterus with multiple fibroids

My personal opinion would be manage it conservatively till advised by your doctor.After they attain the size of a 12 weeks pregnancy they start causing pressure symptoms and best removed laparoscopicaly by a Total laparoscopic hysterectomy ( Unless family isn't complete ,where laproscopic myomectomy can be done).

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