Thursday, February 24, 2011

hum ko bhi stress nae mara ,tum ko bhi stress nae mara,is stress ko mar dalo........

By the time I am completing this saved as a draft post,I find myself quite relaxed.Its 22.17,24th of feb.But I began my day on a not so relaxed note.
It has been a one very busy month so far.But I think that's what a private practitioner wants.More work....More mullah!!!!But yes at times it makes me feel a little stressed with little time for myself.
And I think that hampers with my capacity to handle those patients who come to my OPD and are much more stressed than myself.After 15 minutes of conversation with a highly stressed person,I start feeling a surge of not so pleasant emotion within myself.
Good morning call from the same patient who likes to take pills to prepone or postpone her periods.Some very vague complaint.I hate this.Slept late in night after dealing an emergency.Will write another post on this emergency later.
Then a young lady in my clinic.She complained of blood in urine.After few questions later,it looked like a Urinary tract Infection.Told her probable diagnosis,prescribed a Routine and culture test for UTI,reassured her,instructed her about ways to prevent UTI and prescribed an antibiotic.But the lass looked irritated,stressed and depressed too.She grumbled ,but doctor why do I have blood in my urine intermittently and not everyday?Hummmm...........had to say 'I don't know, unless I have urine reports'!!She wanted an instant answer,without investigations......I felt I was loosing my cool.She wanted an instant diagnosis.Once again told her the most likely diagnosis......and when I lost my cool I did tell her a possibility of a Urinary stone and worst case scenario malignancy(which left her too scared,but then she wanted to know all the probable differential diagnosis).In midst of consultation her papaji called and I could sense an ambitious daughter and father conversation......leaving this company for that company as pay package was better ,etc ,etc.Clearly she was stressed and only half of what I said registered in her mind.And after 30 minutes I didn't feel like speaking further.
Then came two comparatively relaxed patients.And then came a lady in her mid 40s,going to USA on student visa,leaving her children behind.Wished to get all Gynaecology preventive checkups.She gave a history of untreated ovarian cyst.Ok,so I advised her a pap smear,Ultrasound pelvis and mammogram.She said I don't think there is need of these investigations.That left me irritated again.But you came to me for these investigations only...remember,I tell her.She says,oh yes I asked for it but now I don't want it.She wants to know why is she so stressed.That she replied herself,I am stressed as am leaving my children behind.
Later in the day I found myself more relaxed and to end the day came a call at 7.45pm.Need to see you today doctor at any cost.I am in Max Gurgaon till 8 pm,I replied.Can you wait till 8.15pm.Sure if it is an emergency.And then the lady informed me it was an emergency only as she was having painful periods throughout the day but now after she is free from office she wants to see me.What a paradox.An emergency which could wait in office hours and became an emergency at one's own convenient time.Advised her to come to triage,but she sounded little offended as I wasn't waiting for her.
God help me..............I find I am not as patient as I was three years back when I returned back to India and started my practice.But in the end wonder is all this stress worthwhile ,whether it is me or these stressed ladies.CERTAINLY NOT!! Then why are we all in this rat race??Any answers??

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