Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th post

This is my 100th post in this blog.So has to be something close to my heart.Something which touched me and changed me,made me and improved me.

Today I watched the an Indian flick 'Patiala House'! A light harted movie about 'the then racism in Uk',the Patriotism of a Sikh patriarch who would live in South hall but won't allow his son to play cricket for 'enemies'ANGRAZ and the son's revolt and how he was considered a national Hero by Brits.

I got a little emotional today while watching the movie.2 drops of tears came from both my eyes.There was a sudden surge of emotion and I felt for a second I missed Mr Banfield,Dr Lesely Bolton,Mr Aled plemming,Dr Chris Clark,Mr Nigel Bickerton,Mr Simon Leeson and my all other consultants.I owe a big part to what I am today as a clinician to them.I knew my basics but they tought me the art of Obstetrics,the science of paper writing,the importance of credibility,art of playing with the words so that the patients are neither offended nor get a sugar coated version of their condition but know the truth and only truth in an evidence based manner.
These were the people who groomed me.Never differentiated between me and a white local doctor.I never got a mentor in India.There I had so many.

My experiences of life have made me like the Brits if not love them atleast, coz  I won't been myself but for all my British teachers.When I perform all my complex laparoscopic surgeries I always remember Mr Plemming who let me do first laparoscopic surgery with an endoloop for a tubal ectopic.In our unit there in UK we didn't have a harmonic then .Have surely moved a lot ahead since then but then it were they who showed me the 'yellow brick road'!!

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