Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Sexy 'India

Things are in transition in our new 'sexy India'.Few days back a young couple visited my OPD.To my usual question of Ms XYZ ,how can I help you,came the answer from the young man.My girlfriend(thank God not the cliche' fiancee') has very painful periods.She isn't seeking any medical help and I had to pull her out to come to you.After few questions later I realized the girl was a small town girl and my UK acquired way of asking needed a constant translation from her boyfriend.I switched to my chaste Hindi.I addressed her clinical concerns...Primary dysmenorrhoea,mild pelvic infection.OK ........I hope these things will settle down with medicine.Period pain might be better after 1st delivery.And then came a googly,which left me beaten for a second.Realised India was changing but really so??
The man told me,there is a 50 - 50 chance that they will get married as they belonged to different castes.So could I fix her virginity?He really love her and didn't wish her to suffer in future because of the act they did.I said,get married if you love her!!No,her mother etc are from rural background and then he mentioned the name of a place know for being notorious.I asked light you anticipate an honour killing?Inform the police and proceed.He came back to say ,no they won't kill her but might kill me.Girl showing all her concerns for her BF said no-no they won't.
I talked of hmenoplasty.But since last  few days am thinking of paradox of our sexy India where the youth are liberated,have a new found financial Independence ,are living alone in big metros.enjoying their life but still a person who loves his girl friend thinks of getting her hymen 'mended' for her better future.

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