Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your cancer can be in your head

A strange title for a blog.Wanted to make the title sound catchy.
I had a dull aching pain in my right side of abdomen exactly where the liver is since last 3 months now.No other symptoms at all.And I Ignored it for a while.Was simply afraid if I get an ultrasound scan done and it suggests a problem then what?But since  1st week of march it was aching badly.I palpated very hard on the side to feel if I could feel a lump .And I did feel something.It horrified me.What could it be?
A liver cancer.Or  may be a spread from intestine to liver.But then It I don't have any other symptom.But then who said cancer has to have symptoms before it is already spread.I asked my Surgeon husband to feel for that lump and even he confirmed in an affirmative.Time to go........Or beginning of a very painful period of chemotherapy etc.Could it be big gall stones only.God I will thank you if it is just gall stones.It would mean just a laproscopic removal of gall bladder.What if my Common bile duct gets injured?But then I would still be live.Was it an adrenal tumor or a renal cell carcinoma.I started taking antibiotic just in case there was some infection.
Shalabh said,'Get an ultrasound scan 'and got busy with his day to day work.I preferred not to tell it to my mom and brother.My son had heard my conversation with Shalabh and was asking all the sign symptoms of cancer on and off and I was reassuring him I don't have one.see I want to loose weight still I can't.can't have cancer.
After 10 to 11 days of feeling this lump one night my pain got really bad.It was radiating to my back.it was horrible.May be it was pancreatitis.I decided no matter what I will get a scan done in the morning.
Took an appointment with Dr Girish pandit.He was kind enough to adjust me at such a short notice.
i requested him,if you find any secondaries please tell me so clearly.I am prepared!!After a prolonged scan he announced,Doc your scan is very boring.Everything is so normal.I took a sigh of relief.
That day my pain was about 50% better.I stopped prodding that area of mine .After 5 days later, today my pain is totally gone.No medicines needed.
The cancer was all in my head.And I am being honest when I say I have a very high pain tolerance level but the night before my scan I was in tears because of pain.It was all in my head and I once again realised the power of brain.May be that is what is used by yogi's in Hatth yog to bend the iron bars by just looking at it.And yes a lot of our problems are mainly psychological..........

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