Monday, April 11, 2011

A happy begining despite Endometriosis

About 2 months back a young lady came to me.She had been diagnosed with fibroid uterus in Singapore and she wished to get a laparoscopic myomectomy done.In India we realised she had  severe endometriosis and big endometrioma in both ovaries.She was all of 26years........quite a young age to start a family for ambitious young generation.
On putting the laparoscope in I realized that things were pretty bad.Her fallopian tubes were distorted very badly.Buried in adhesions and ofcourse two big endometrioma.Rectum was also stuck under endometrial adhesions.I performed an extensive ( Level 5 Laparoscopy on her)At the end of surgery the cysts were out,and tubes out of adhesions and rectum was free.Small out of methylene blue trickled out from one tube.I advised her to start planning her family in the next cycle,try for 3 cycles and then to meet my friend Dr Hemashree rajesh at SGH for an IVF(To be honest I thought she won't conceive without IVF).
Few days back i got an excited call from her to tellme that she had conceived spontaneously but wasn't getting an appointment for Ultrasound or a consultant appointment.
Congrats to her and her husband( Both of them trusted my judgments and didn't go doctor shopping the current trend in Gurgaon).I wish them all the best.
here would like to say,those ladies who defer pregnancy for a career might end up with problemslike her and believe me,a successful carrer is nothing without someone to share with ,importantly your own kids!!
This time it was an happy ending,but it might not be so always.IF you have endometriosis react and take treatment in time.Don't wait for a hysterectomy!!!

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Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

And there has been a happy ending too.The same couple have been blessed by a healthy baby boy few days back at Singapore.Touched that he took the pain to inform me and update his happiness!!May god bless them,