Thursday, April 28, 2011


For the various Obstetrics and Gynaecology Conditions for which women meet me,difficulty in conception is becoming a very common problem.Subfertility or Infertility has always been a problem but seems as if there is increase in the number of these cases.There are many social factors involved with it.Suddenly there are many cases of male factor infertility with a suboptimal sperm count.May be it is stress,may be it is due to increased consumptionof alcohol and smoking,may be it is radiation hazard in the  of too much mobile use(May be your latest gizmo blackberry or iphone or all these android phones flashing at your waist are not being kind on your beware).
For females......In metros suddenly the age for first pregnancy has suddenly shifted to 30s.May be it is good for your career but not so ideal an age to start your family.About 10 yrs back by 28 or 29 I remember Ladies getting desparate to start their family.Now I find females who are horrified to find themselves pregnant at 28 or29 ,want a quick abortion and wait for few more years.By that time the now so common PCOD or a endometriosis or for that matter unexplained infertility has loomed in.
Many couples are so busy professionally that they don't find the time to have intercourse at the likely time of ovulation.Shifts are different,one of the partner is travelling et c etc.I am sure a lot of young couples reading this blogpost will relate to what i ahve just talked about.
My heart goes out for these couples who are trying to juggle between a hectic lifestyle,work,take time out for time consuming and costly subfertility treatment.
Ther are certain factors which obviously are unavoidable but atleast a timley planning of pregnancy can decreasequite a substantial number of infertility cases.Remember YOU CAN BEAT NATURE.IT IS SUPREME!!!!May be it is a good idea still to plan your first baby in your mid to late twenties. 

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