Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you leak urine when you cough??

This month a lady,all of 26 yrs visited me in my OPD refd by a friend Dr Meenu Tyagi.This lady was an  lady from a family of farmers who have to work hard and lift quite heavy weights.I would appreciate that this lady told me very straight and clear that Doctor I have lost control over passage of urine and I wish you to operate on me.On examination I found that this mother of 4 had a huge cystocele and a bad incontinence of urine (GSI).It was confirmed by urodynamic study as well.
She had visited quite a few well known Gynaecologists of our town who all had diagnosed her problem but no one gave her the solution.
For a condition like GSI there is a very simple surgery called TVTO( Trans obturator tape) .It is due to lack of training gynaecologist don't offer it and at the same time patients of leakage of urine are too embarrassed to ask for help as well.This Lady had showed the courage.I performed a TVTO operation and cystocele correction on her.She after years felt good.Again a surgery with instant results !!
I would encourage if there are ladies who have lost control over urination should see a gynaecologist well trained in urogynaecology.A small visit to your doctor might improve your quality of life immensely.

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