Friday, June 24, 2011

Role reversal

I think I can be a potential astrologer.In fact many Obstetrician have already donned that cap.
Don't get surprised..........!!I Thought not to comment anything on Poor Aishwarya Rai and her Pregnancy but the way whole media(you can still forgive them),astrologers and even well known Gynaecologists of well known Institutions have been issuing statements ,I feel deep sympathy for the Lady.Agreed she is a celebrity and open to public scrutiny but so much so that you talk about her Pregnancy and looks and bodily changes in such great detail that it is in poor taste.
As per a National daily,an astrologer has commented that she would need to drink milk in her pregnancy.Great..........I tell that to all my patients.So you see ,I have the potential to be an astrologer.Some one said she will have most likely a Cesarean.For that matter I can predict it much better,so is that astrology?
Now Obstetricians are predicting if it is an IVF pregnancy or normal conception.Someone  is predicting her trimester of pregnancy.That's is what is called role reversal..........Doctors doing predictions and astrologers giving medical advise.
Just wondering how commercial and stupid we have become.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Babymoon and maternity spa

The old adage ,patients are the best teachers  for doctors holds very true.Recently two of my patients informed me of two new concepts of modern day pregnancy and delivery.It is all about celebrating motherhood.None of them is directly related to medical aspect of Pregnancy care but I guess are surely interesting and good concept.

BABYMOON i.e, your honeymoon prior to arrival of your baby after which life would be busy for a while.Couples take time out in third trimester to be together away from the routine humdrum of life.I googled further and realised that there are various hotel groups all over the world who have 'special' babymoon packages.Maybe this could be something which can be an add on on your Pregnancy wish list.

Then came a lady who wished to know if there were any delegated maternity spa.Now again a new concept for me.And after googling and with help of another patient of mine came to know of a place marketed by Mahindra retails ( mom and me chain of stores) who have two such places in India ,one in Delhi and another in Bangalore which has hired a group of non medical professionals like a reiki expert,counsellor,massage specialist etc who conduct antenatal Lamaze classes .They have special tables where mothers can lie on their belly and get pamper.Interesting.In fact this concept has started arousing a businesswoman in me.Still an untapped area in India and we know there are many couples in India who don't mind paying a price for all the pampering they can get along with some useful information regarding pregnancy which probably increases chances of normal delivery as well.I think I can be a good brand ambassador for such a concept:)).What say friends?