Friday, July 29, 2011

Ectopic Pregnancy in Rudimentary Horn of Uterus

So,my last tuesday didn't end where I left in last post.There was more to come.When I visited the hospital again for my evening OPD,I was informed by the front office staff that the Lady who had caesarean in morning has been denied insurance for the time being till I answer as to why it was necessary to perform a caesarean.Enough to blow my fuse.

This kind of query ,asking for an Indication for Caesarean section has never been asked by any insurance company in past from any of the consultants in our hospital.I was obviously offended.Were they questioning my integrity?How dare they?I camed myself down.Replied back.
Then the OPD......which obviously was good interaction with my mostly ever so trusting patients.
And the a Lady on whom I had operated few months back for Ovarian cyst and had incidentally detected a rudimentary horn of Uterus with absent tube and ovary on that side.There was a very rare chance ( 1 in 70,000) that she would have an ectopic pregnancy in that horn of uterus.But still there was a chance and I had asked her to visit me as soon as pregnant.
10 -12 days back she detected her pregnancy ,came to me and to disgust of both of us ,she was that 1 in 70,000.I tried to manage it medically and failed.And that same night had to take her for removal of that rudimentary horn.It is a complicated surgery.Did it.Was happy that could help her and things went fine but by the time my day ended it was 2.30 am in the morning :))
And yes,even this Lady's claim was denied by the insurance .Had to reply in harsh words to get it claimed. 

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