Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prevention is better...........

How many of you have been for a preventive health check up?Many of you have been and most of you have not been for one.At least till date I haven't got a preventive health check up done.Some of us think that'' I don't need it.These deadly diseases affect others not me", while others are too scared to go for it.What if there is something wrong?I belong to the second category.
But not any more.Have decided to go for a Preventive health check up soon.Even if there is a disease it can be detected early and can be fixed.
Someone close in family was detected with a breast cancer recently.Luckily for her it was still very early and hopefully she has many more years in front of her to live and enjoy life.But she is just like you and me,who enjoys life,young with young kids and no symptoms at all .About a week back she was oblivious of even her condition and celebrating life.A week later she has been operated for her cancer.It is shocking.I have been asking myself a question,if it could be her why it can't be me?Of course it can be me and you too.
Plan your Preventive health check up if it is due. And all the best .Wish you many more years of healthy and happy life.

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