Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vaginal Delivery ,has it got anything to do with doctor's skills?

What do you think of a gynaecologist whose patients have more of vaginal delivery?That she is honest,ethical, has patience,considerate,compassionate.But has it ever crossed your mind that it needs something more than that as well.....'SKILL'.Somehow we don't associate a vaginal delivery with doctor's skills.Majority of normal deliveries are surely about being honest,ethical,having patience,considerate,compassionate but not all of them.During the course of labour there are many stages when it is very crucial how skillfully your doctor takes a decision.If baby has passed stool inside the womb,does it mean performing a caesarean section or wait for couple of hours.........it takes science,art and skill and of course experience.
When a lady is fully dilated and still not able to deliver a child and your doctor helps you out with Vacuum or forceps without causing any harm to you or the baby it needs immense amount of skill.
I have got lot many compliments for conducting vaginal deliveries but the one compliment which I still have to hear is 'Doc you are skilled'.I am awaiting to hear that.Maybe it will be you,who says so :) !! 

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