Thursday, September 15, 2011

Always Choose your Teacher (Guru) Carefully

Today I attended a workshop on Urogynaecology.There was a live demonstration of a surgery called TVTO.A fairly simple surgery ,done nicely by the surgeon who was performing it.There was a small audience of local gynaecologists and Urologists,quite a few well known names as well.Many questions were asked,many questions answered during the surgery,though very nicely done........with the amount of questions and answers this surgery generated it sounded like quite a complicated and very demanding procedure.If I was a beginner,I would have been little scared to perform this surgery .

Let me share with you how I did my first TVTO.It was my first OT with Mr Derek Klazinga at Glan Clwyd Hospital,Rhyl.I was a trainee.There were three TVTOs posted for the day.He performed the first one.Then he asked me ,have you done one before?I said ,''No".His next question was,do you wish to do the next one and I jumped and said 'yes'!!.There it was .He kept on explaining me the procedure and in 20 minutes the operation was done and over.Goes without saying that he let me perform the third one as well.He made the surgery look so simple.

I was a registrar in India in 2000.There was this one consultant ,who would shout so much during the laparoscopic surgeries that I would get nervous and used to think Laparoscopy as the most difficult surgery in the world.In fact I was sure in my mind that never would I be able to perform laparoscopic surgeries.I reached UK ,with the same mindset and explained it to my Consultant Mr Tivy Jones and Dr Chris Clark.They encouraged me by saying, Mona ,it is not so difficult.Just imagine putting a niddle inside the abdomen to drain ascitic fluid.It is as simple as that.And very soon I was performing laparoscopies.They made it so simple.

Then once I was performing a diagnostic laparoscopy.There were quite a few omental adhesions.I got nervous.Mr Banfield,asked to proceed with the adhesiolysis.And I said ,I have never done it before.'Mona,there is always a first time for everything,remember'.And there I was performing ,my first adhesiolysis.

I had registered for my level 1 laparoscopy training with prof B lynch.It was meant to be a hands on diagnostic laparoscopy.But guess what?When I put the scope in,it was a big size Ovarian cyst.And I muttered again,I have never done a cystectomy before.And he said quite compassionately,but I am sure you will perform many more in future.This is just the first one.And to my own amazement,I had performed the first Ovarian cystectomy.

All of them were great Gurus.I was blessed to have met some great teachers in my life who made me realize life wasn't as difficult as it seemed if your approach was correct. 

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