Friday, September 23, 2011

A brave girl with fibroid

More than three years back,a young Lady in her thirties visited me for some gynaecological problem.She had come from a not so small town of Utter Pradesh .She was quite stressed out,when she and her brother entred my chamber.

She was an unmarried and had been diagnosed with Fibroid uterus which was quite big in size .In fact it had engulfed the posterior wall of her uterus completely.There was an associated endometriotic cyst as well.Doctors had advised her a Hysterectomy .

She was heartbroken.she ,wished her uterus to be preserved.I examined her and told her that we can certainly try myomectomy ( removal of fibroid) but if she bleed heavily we might need a hysterecyomy.

Those were the days when I was more than happy doing the conventional open myomectomy and not the Laparoscopic one.When I opened her abdomen,it was all plastered(all the organs were stuck).I decided to carry on with myomectomy after separating the bad adhesion and removing the endometrioma.Slowly I managed to peel off the big posterior wall fibroid.In between our the then HOD Dr Veena Bhat peeped in my OT and she was convinced that I was trying to be foolhardy in preserving her uterus,Maybe she was right as what was left of posterior wall of uterus was just a very thin muscle layer.With great patience which isn't my virtue,I repaired the tattered edges of uterus.Some how I recreated an organ which looked like uterus.Dr Deepa Maheshwari who was assisting me was also concerned of a possible gangrene
Now the question was whether the uterus will heal or get gangrenous.God willing, it stayed in its place.She started getting her normal periods which weren't painful any longer.Ultrasound couple of month later suggested a normal size Uterus with normal sized endometrium.The young lady was very happy.She still keeps on sending me her good wishes all the time and I value it a lot.

But that was not the end of the story.I had suggested her to tell the complete thing to the person she would marry as uterus might not be so strong to take the brunt of pregnancy for nine months.She could have very well gone for a surrogacy.And with her uterus intact she felt good about her preserved femininity.

But unfortunately till I know last none of the boys she told her actual situation were willing to accept her.It is strange.We are OK to accept lies but it is very difficult for our males to take the honesty of the lady on face value and marry her.What if that girl had cheated and not told any of these males and would have created a story later on post marriage,which isn't very uncommon.

All said and done Females in India still remain a weaker sex.

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