Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you know someone with leaking bladder?

My Blog readers will get a general impression that I very often burst into 'when I was in Uk'.......I realize that I talk very often of you.You miss things which are good about a place when you are away from it.I was a very interested trainee,as any of my trainers including Mr Plemming and Mr Banfield or mr Klazinga or Miss Armstong or Dr Bolton would agree.
Of other subjects what interested me was Urogynaecology.If I had stayed in UK would have like to subspecalize in it.I miss it suddenly so much.
Urogynaecology is one area where the Ladies feel ashamed to share their problems.There are millions of females world over who have a leaking bladder ( be it on coughing or just overactive bladder which makes them rush to the nearest rest room every 10 minutes).
There are ladies with big prolapsing uterus and bladder and rectum.All of which compromises their quality of life badly.But then they are too embarrassed to share it with any one though the help is very near.
Surely if I get few patients of urogynaecology from this blog the money maker in me will surely be happy.But it isn't just the money maker,it is the urogynaecologist in me who has seen instant relief to such patients.Who has seen how after a successful treatment the life of such patient changes ,wishes to create more awareness regarding these conditions.
If any of the readers knows any lady of any socioeconomic group,please pass on my contact details to her.I would love to help them in which ever possible way I can,


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Overflow Incontinence said...

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