Friday, September 16, 2011

Internet.......Use and abuse

If one logs in,Internet is full of blogs,comments and feed backs which are most uncomplimentary for the doctors.And few blogs like who try to give little balanced view are attacked by people claiming it to be supporting the doctors and are being compensated in lieu of that.My sincere thanks to you Vaibhav.Keep it up!!
What is the reason for such a negativity about us doctors?Are we really so bad or is it just that people who had a bad experience are more forthcoming in sharing their views online than people who had good experiences.
So being so vocal is not  being politically correct........when I express myself so openly.But can't help it.At the moment I am running short of time.Will get back to you in evening to share my experiences with some of my patients whom I would never like to have back as my patients.

PS : Today is 17th sept.And by now am feeling less agitated.Have decided not to go in great details about it.Just two examples........
One couple was so full of air throughout the pregnancy.Then they wished to know about stem cell banking which is costly in India but then it is optional and you don't need to feel guilty about it if you can't afford it.In his all seriousness,the husband said, doctor I will purchase a stem cell bank.I don't think in that case we need to go for it now.Needless to say that was their attitude throughout.They thought they had purchased the doctor,Nurse ,administrator etc by spending the Corporate Insurance money on a single room delivery.

Another one was a lady who ultimately left my care and I am so glad she did.I am sure for her I was a rude doctor,but actually I don't mind.There were many bizarre queries throughout.But the most interesting was as follows.She wished me to tell if massages were safe in Pregnancy.To which I said yes.then she sent me a long list of various types of massage : Swedish,thai,Balanese,some ambhigayanam massage which I had never heard of,keralite and few more exotic names which I had no clue for God's sake I am a doctor.Not a masseur.

And ofcourse that control freak who wanted me to teach her husband to measure her progress in labour at home by doing an internal examination as he enjoyed the world cup matches.

And all of you thought................being doctor was easy!!

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