Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Lady who had Dermoid in Pregnancy-Part 2

Sometime back I blogged about a Lady who I had operated upon for removing a big dermoid cyst while she was still pregnant.As ,at that point of time few of my friends were not sure whether I had done the correct thing by not terminating the Pregnancy,I promised you guys that I will update you about the outcome of this Pregnancy.
So 2 days back at 38 + weeks she was Induced for Labour as water surrounding the baby had decreased(moderate oligohydramnios,baby was mild IUGR,Umblical and Uterine artery showed higher than normal resistance and there were two tight loops of cord around the neck of the baby.She delivered a 2.5 kgs healthy male baby by ventouse delivery despite all the mentioned high risk factors and the  cord around the neck overhyped as and indication of caesarean section by Radiologists,gynaecologists and naturally patients alike.
That is not all.While she was pregnant her Downs Screening reports(double as well as quadruple) suggested her ,this Pregnancy to be a high risk for downs.She decided not to go for an amniocentesis as her astrologer told her that with a very strong Jupiter in her birth chart nothing will go wrong.That astrologer also had told her that it will be a vaginal delivery and it will be a male child.Amazing............
Planning to meet this amazing astrologer :)

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