Monday, September 5, 2011

Need an answer from you......

It is a common occurrence.I get call anytime in night.11pm,12 MN......Patients having Problems.Pregnancy with bleeding ,pain etc.So,how can I reassure you that your Pregnancy is safe?By getting you examined.And for that I advice all such Patients to come to the Hospital emergency to be examined by the Junior consultant gynaecologist on call.
The moment I ask them to go to the Hospital emergency...........Typical question is....In the night Doctor?Is it so urgent,but the pain or bleeding or any XYZ complain is not so bad.If I persist.......if you find it an emergency enough to give me a call so late in the night or so early in the morning I think it is an emergency enough to be examined and they are really reluctant.
This is a mystery for me.What actually are your expectations from me?I would appreciate if any one of you, who had such experience with me,could please let me know that what are your expectations when you give me an emergency call if you don't wish to come to hospital in the night?Knowing your expectations will help me  serve you better!!

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