Sunday, September 18, 2011

There is nothing like a best Gynaecologist!!

There is a website which due to some reason has given my name as best gynaecologist in Gurgaon.I am thankful to them.To be honest this website has encouraged many patients to meet me.
But honestly I believe that there can be a good Gynaecologist but there can never a best Gynaecologist.I will try to explain it by two personal examples.
A lady name Savita(Fake name to protect the identity of the patient) started coming to me for her antenatal visits.Her husband had done some research about my competence and used to come all the way from Delhi.Now this lady was a 35 +lady with a possible ongoing Diabetes of pregnancy which she wasn't willing to accept.Got a GTT done and doubts were confirmed.Refd her to the Diabetologist who put her on Insulin and diabetic diet.All for her good,but the Lady started getting depressed as she wasn't able to eat what she used to like.She was angry with me as well.My suggestions on healthy eating wasn't taken very kindly.Then I suggested a Induced delivery at 37 completed weeks as there is ample evidence of unexplained foetal deaths in Diabetic mothers.She wasn't ready as it would have meant delivery in Shharadh paksh.
   So what happened next.She wasn't happy with me.Preferred to go to some senior Gynaecologist from AIIMS.Anyways I wish her a safe delivery.but what I wish to highlight is that for whatever reasons they didn't find me good enough.

Now I will come to my second experience.Yesterday night I delivered a Lady vaginally.her first delivery was a Caesarean delivery for small pelvis at my hospital only,about 3 years back.She had heard that I deal with VBAC( vaginal birth after caesarean section).So she visited me in  her 28th week.Expressed her keen desire to have a vaginal delivery but not at my Hospital.It took a little explaining that Administrators never force us for a caesarean.

Today when I went for my morning rounds,she smiled and told me.......ask Dr Shalabh(my husband) to refer you as a gynaecologist if any one ever asks his opinion for the best gynaecologist.I was little confused.I asked her.......did Dr Shalabh refer you to me.She said,not you doc but to the gynaecologist to whom I went for my delivery first time who declared that I had small pelvis and gave me this scar.We had asked Dr Shalabh about the competence of the other doctor and he had said....she is very Good( So that speaks Volumes about Dr shalabh's professional behaviour of being a neutral doctor).She told me in end,Doc, all other prominent names had declined me a VBAC in this pregnancy.So for this lady I am the best gynaecologist.This lady surely made my day and I felt proud and happy.

So finally ,just wish to say the same doctor who isn't good enough for a couple for whom she made the diagnosis ,took care in her high risk pregnancy becomes the best for other couple.So may be it is better to be called just a good doctor rather than the best . 


Dr. Witty Raina said...

Dr. Witty Raina is also one of the popular gynaecologist in Gurgaon which is having a experience of about 18 Years in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Currently she is working in Fortis hospital of Gurgaon as a Head of The Unit for Gynae and Obstetrics.

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Sure Dr Witty.Wishing you all the best and success!!