Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bleeding Heavily???

Thickened Endometrium at the level of internal OS

Thickened endometrium which in biopsy turned out to be cancerous

Endometrial Polyp

same Polyp from a different angle

Removal of the same Polyp using recetoscope

Thickened endometrium which in biopsy suggested simple hyperplasia
It is a common problem when you notice that your periods have become heavy or Irregular.Now this post is for Ladies above 40 years of age.If you have any such irregularity with your periods like a heavy or irregular bleeding it should be taken seriously.majority of the time it is just a hormonal imbalance which corrects of it's own but at times it can be problems like Polyp,Thickened inner lining of the womb,also called Endometrial hyperplasia(which can have pre cancerous potential),fibroids and in very small percentage endometrial cancer itself,which has a very good prognosis if detected early.Thus it is important not to ignore your problem.Your Gynaecologist might suggest you Hysteroscopy and biopsy of the inner lining of the womb.Go for it if suggested.It is a small minimally invasive procedure done under anaesthesia with a very quick recovery time and one can come back home the same day.A stitch in time saves nine............

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