Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laparoscopy in treating Infertility

Infertility is an ever increasing problem due to various reasons which I have tried to analyse in past to best of my understanding and have shared with you.
In my current post I would share with you pictures of some of the laparoscopic procedures which can be done with great ease to enhance fertility.As if done by as a laparoscopic procedure there is minimal discomfort and the patient is fit to be discharged the same day and can return to day to day activities from next day on wards.
Here follows pictures of laparoscopic opening of blocked fallopian tube and Ovarian drilling done performed for Polycystic Ovaries
Blocked Fallopian tube
Polycystic Ovary
Blocked Fallopian tube being opened

Spillage of Dye from open tube

Polycystic Ovary

Ovarian drilling in progress

Bilateral Ovarian drilling with spillage of dye from both sided fallopian tube following tubal opening surgery
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