Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In this post I wish to share with all my blog readers,few pictures depicting a procedure called MORCELLATION.
Ligaments being cut using harmonic

470 gms fibroid

Endometriotic gelationous lesions over the uterosacral ligament

Morcellator grasping the fibroid

Morcellation in progress

A Morcellated piece of the same 470 gms fibroid

What do you do with the uterus? Do you melt it inside with laser?It is such a big uterus how will you remove it out from a 1 cm cuts and so on ............?My patients have so many questions to ask and are very worried when they are opting for a TLH for big fibroids,When this instrument morcellator wasn't available I would do the TLH and then blindly chop the pieces from vaginal end and take it out.With the availability of morcellator the TLH of huge size fibroids has become easy and much less time consuming and it is all done under vision. The big uterus and fibroid is shredded into pieces like 'pasta' and then removed out from one of the 1 cms skin cut.
The same instrument is used for laparoscopic myomectomy where one intends to just remove the fibroid and save the uterus for the purpose of future reproduction.

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