Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks and congratsDr Vinita Salvi and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Now as the excitement regarding delivery of Ashwarya Rai Bachchan is settling down I would like to first of all congratulate her and secondly thanks her.
She has broken the stereotype of a well decked up celebrity entering the hospital.All planned.Elective caesarean and baby is out!!" Too posh to push"!!She tried a normal delivery at 38 years of age and managed it.Ladies who love to follow her please take a few cue from her this action as well.
I have rich words of appreciation for her obstetrician who handled such a high profile delivery nicely and didn't succumb to the usual pressure  of VIP syndrome which very frequently leads to a caesarean section to prevent any medicolegal problem.I am sure she must be a very competent doctor.

Dr Vinita Salvi
 As a team,Very good Performance!!I respect the Prof for handling a delivery the way it should be rather than going in the merits of patients profile.
And Media when gives credit to Aishwarya  for her normal should also write a few lines about her doctor who gave her the option,took care of her and led to a safe and happy outcome.As I wrote in one of my blogs Normal delivery these days is not just about the doctor being patient but also is about knowing one's subject well,being competent in one's work and having the confidence that she can handle the pressures of normal delivery which needs much closer monitoring than a planned caesarean section.


Anonymous said...

I am 25 years of age and weighed a little more than a 100 when i went into labour. i was told by many doctors i should elect for a c-section. but encouragement from my gynaec and my mom made me face normal delivery. im very thankful to them! i walked out of labour room in ten mins hale healthy and happy!

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee said...

Congrats.........If you wish you can leave a good feedback and share your experience about your labour and delivery on my blog.

IfRa Farheen said...

Thanks for the comment .. I am 23,overweight and pregnant.. your comment gives me some peace