Saturday, November 5, 2011

Welcome back

It has been ages since I communicated with you dear friends.I knew I was certainly missing something but wasn't sure what it was till I realized that we haven't communicated since well over a month.
So my Nirvana Country residence cum clinic started seeping badly and lock stock and barrel,I had to move almost overnight to my current 71 Arjun Marg ,DLF phase 1 is quite a convenient little centrally located place.I have almost settled down,though it wasn't as easy as in between I myself underwent some surgical procedure.
Like any other month October was as busy work wise.I was actually proud of myself that I could juggle between my shifting and Surgery and taking care of my patients as well.I know a lot of my patients are  very eagerly waiting for my clinic to restart.There is good news on that front as well.From tomorrow the construction of the chamber will start and within a few days I should be ready.
Let me start with my professional laurels first and then I will talk about my not so boastful results.In Gurgaon Deliveries are the bread and butter of an average gynaecologist .A laparoscopic hysterectomy or any any major operation is not so very common because of the young population of gurgaon.So last month I managed to have 3 VBAC ( Vaginal birth after caesarean section)Many ventouse I wish to tell that there is difference between indian and caucascian ladies.Indian ladies also want normal delivery but they are not keen to bear any pain and thus comes epidural.then they are not keen to push and exet and I have become the proverbial 'Ventouse woman'.Some good gynaecology surgeriesTotal Laparoscopic surgeries and few Urogynaecology procedures.
There were some downsides as well.Wished to go to himacal pradesh for a medical camp for the under privileged but couldn't due to family commitments Didn't feel good about it at all.And then One of 'my babies' developed HIE without any warning signs in a totally low risk pregnancy.I feel bad for the parents.Tried to self audit myself if I could have done any thing myself differently and couldn't find an answer.The baby has been discharged but I hope in long term his milestones remain alright.I once wrote tat I need the courage to write when things don't go right.And I think now I am there where I can accept that not all was well.Not that I could have helped but then God could have been more kind on this very nice couple.We doctors do come across with outcomes which we don't like for our patients and it is always good to self audit one self.This case will be audited later by a team of gynaecologists later and I hope they are able to see something which I possiblyly missed.
Last year this time it was a super massive Post partum haemorrhage and this time HIE.My festivity is mixed with self analysis since last 2 years around Diwali time.
Festivity at home.At hospital this time we doctors weren't much enthusiastic.Don't know why?Recession :-)))!!Played poker at Diwali and won some money too.may be Lady Luck will be on my side this year.
One more aspect which depresses me is that now with a very busy working schedule I hardly get time to study and for the real academics!!That has started making me feel hollow.Think need to take a  month long break to just update my theory.
And yes I need a secretary for my new clinic.
My biggest woe.......I am not able to take out my Hindi MBBS certificate from Magadh University since past 3 months despite paying a hefty bribe of 10 Kfor just duplicate of my own certificate which I lost (Sorry Anna Hazare Uncle) but that is how ourcountry still functions.the clerks need more money.
I shall be more regular in Nov though I don't yet have a broadband as though both Airtel as well as BSNL installed the telephoneline they goofed up with the broadband and it is my Samsung mobile and data card taking the brunt.And it is already more than 45 days.

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