Thursday, December 29, 2011

How important are the credentials of your treating doctor for U?

We all doctors study and then on completion of our graduate study are provided  with the degree of M.B.B.S.
Following which majority of us apply for PG entrance test,Pass it if lucky and complete a 3 years residency.
Few  manage to get only 2 years diploma course and are confered with DGO(Diploma in Obstetrics and gynaecology).There are few others who are not able to pass the Indian competetive exam and opt for DNB exams which is equivalent to the MD/MS.There are a few who are born with golden spoons in their mouth and are sent to  Manipal  university or any other donation college to get a paid PG training.
In our current private practice scenario ,we have a mish mash of such doctors.....genuine postgraduates,Diploma holders who could complete DNB and still further who couldn't and still write DNB along with in their list of degress.They work with big corporate hospitals and strangely their credential is still not checked .Then these sons and daughters of rich parents who went to Manipal ,who returned back,joined fellowship under a big name and are a big name them selves today.
As a patient are you able to tell a difference between a well read and hard working and not so hard working short cut holders?I am sure you are not.I know atlease two of our very popular Gynaecologists in Gurgaon who aren't even a DNB.DGO is their greatest claim to any sort of educational,both of them are DNB1
(Some doctors get cheeky by writing MRCOG1 or DNB1,which simply means MRCOG or DNB fail.)

Any suggestions : whom would you prefer ,a well read competent doctor or a not so well read doctor who by practice  has learnt to behave like a parrot by being repetitive and doesn't have an indepth knowledge of ones subject.

May be it will be a good idea to ask for your doctors credentials next time you pay a visit.........mind it at times DNB might simply mean DNB part 1 :))
I won't be catty any further.Won't divulge those names as it will leave many a patients heart broken ...............Life is no less than Bigg boss ka ghar.Who knows tomorrow I might just loose it and divulge the names.Keep Guessing till then!!

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