Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy

It is not an uncommon scenario.......You are Pregnant and during routine antenatal screening it is detected that your TSH is raised while a FT3 and FT4 is normal or borderline low.It means your thyroid gland is underfunctioning and in order to overcome the deficiency your pituitary starts over functioning leading to a increased TSH levels.
As today's generation is so used to 'googling' everything they end up being a nervous wreck when there is no reason to get so hysterical about it.A thyroid deficiency in pregnancy is associated with increased rate of miscarriage and chances of Cretinism i.e ,mental retardation in baby's if the fault is not corrected.With an appropriate dose of thyroid supplement TSH can be controlled quite fast and once under control the pregnancy is as high risk as any oneelses.By repeated TSH levels in each trimester one needs to adjust the dose of thyroid supplement.
Clinicians are no less responsible for this unnecessary panic as I have seen quite a few prescriptions where doctors have prescribed HCG injections,micronized progesterone,low dose aspirin and  the patient is freaked out with the risk of pre term labour pains.
Give hypothyroidism the share of importance it deserves but don't loose sleep over it.
Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy is surely more difficult to take care with a possibility of a crisis but thankfully hyperthyroidism is much less common than the hypothyroidism.


Bianca Cowel said...

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Amanda Cloud said...

I was once a fit person. Then I started gaining weight because of my hypothyroidism.So I tried desiccated porcine supplements and it really helped me lose that extra pound.