Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mesh repair of vaginal Prolapse

Uterovaginal prolapse is a well know problem related to the women health every year more than 100000 patients undergo surgeries for these conditions worldwide.
The traditional method of repairing a UV prolapse has been  removing the uterus vaginally followed by correcting the defect in the pubocervical fascia to correct the cystocele and like wise for the rectocele,As the pubocervical fascia is already weak ; a cystocele or retocele repair done by the new method of mesh plasty is a better option where the synthetic mesh  is used fo correction of the defect with less chance or recurrence,optimal vaginal lenth for sexual activity is saved and there is less evidence of dysperunia and better anatomical positioning.

The cost of the Mesh is RS 35000 and very few doctors are trained at this point of time in India to conduct such surgeries.The TVTO mesh for correcting leakage of urine costs around Rs19000.

These surgeries are learnt quickly and are very safe surgeries.It has been my good fortune when I was introduced to TVTO in 2006 by Mr Derek Klazinga as I have mentioned in my earlier posts as well.

Cost is a limitation but when we consider the advantages it gives the mesh is not so costly after all.

These are few pictures of the patients who had mesh plasty at Max Hospital Gurgaon

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